Center of Forensic Science Tong Ji Guangdong Pro.China ( Original name:Forensic Science Centre of Foshan Medical Associatian ,GD,PRC )is a  forensic social services institution, approved by the provincial Department of Justice established by law .The Center consists of six branches:Forensic document examination department, forensic clinical identification of department, Forensic pathology identification department, forensic toxicology, forensic biology, trace evidence identification department.

The experts of Foshan City Medical Association and  Medicine College of Foshan Science and Technology university work together for the centre, with GC -MS, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, high performance liquid chromatography, ICP
spectrometer , organic elemental analyzer, large stereo microscope, evoked potential instrument, CT, MRI, color Doppler ultrasound, document inspection instrument, DNA sequencing instrument, and other modern large-scale experiments, identification equipment,dissection room that pass the ISO certification